Psychological counselling

The centre employs a  youth counselor Merrild Lebin. People, mostly children, youngsters and their parents can turn to Merrild with variety of topics and issues. The main counselling topics are relationships (family, friends, companions), communicating, oneself and self-esteem, sexuality, anxiety and fears, worries about child.

Youth Information

Youth can turn to Kristel Pisa if they need information about health, international opportunities, hobby activities, relationships etc. Centre has a library with literature about social work, preschool children, psychology, special education, youth work, health, education and career. Kristel is also responsible for developing network of specialists who work with youngsters daily.

European Voluntary Service

Hiiumaa Youth Work Centre has European Voluntary Service accreditation of hosting, sending and coordinating organisation since 2015. Forerunner of the centre, Kärdla Open Youth Centre, had the same accreditation since 2014 but as three organisations were united together and new organisation Hiiumaa Youth Work Centre was formed, the accreditation was carried over. At the moment the centre is hosting one volunteer from France.

Youth relationship and health related counselling 

By youth counselling, we mean relation and health counseling, which provides sharing sexual educational information.The basic services are medical activities and psychological counseling. The service is accessible for young people up to 24 years of both sexes for free. The aim of this service is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually sexually transmitted diseases among young people.

Training courses

Hiiumaa Youth Work Centre mediates and organises training courses and workshops for both youth and adults. The main topics of the trainings are supporting development of the child, youth awareness of their choices, parental education and supporting methodical skills of teachers.